I love to be creative and this is my special spot to share with you all my adventures. I am a single mom who has a curious mind and an endless imagination. I am the poster child when it comes to ADD and creativity. I am constantly trying new things and learning to refine the skills I do have. I believe in learning something new every day so let's see what we can learn together today...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A few of my projects

 I must say that looking around my house I would label me a "crazy crafter". In one are I have my sewing/quilting area where I have no less than 3 projects going at once. Look to the dining room area and you will gaze upon my most recent creative interests - painting and polymer clay. It drives the family crazy that I am scrambling to clean up from my projects all the time so that we can actually use the dining table for the intended purpose of dining together as a family. My dream is to have my own space, be it a room, loft, garage, something, anything where I can actually set up all the projects I'm working on and leave them out until I am finished. Ahhhh to dream. But for now it will be a mix of stuffing things into drawers, onto a desktop, or into plastic containers. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. So, if you have any great ideas for how to make my life, and my families, easier please share your knowledge in the comment section. We can all benefit from the wisdom of other crafters. So here are a few of my projects that I have recently completed or am working on.

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