I love to be creative and this is my special spot to share with you all my adventures. I am a single mom who has a curious mind and an endless imagination. I am the poster child when it comes to ADD and creativity. I am constantly trying new things and learning to refine the skills I do have. I believe in learning something new every day so let's see what we can learn together today...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wow life keeps happening

Hello all... I swear I have not forgotten about the blogoshpere but life has definitely interrupted. I ended up falling and spraining my right shoulder when I had my last seizure so I have had to let that heal for the last couple weeks. I am somewhat up and running again so hang with me. I am trying to finish a quilt and post it here so hopefully it will be done soon. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Halloween and their kids brought them home a load of candy. Enjoy eating it until next we talk.

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